How to give/recevie Feedback

Luckly the company I am working for it’s the company which value feed back as kind of the approach which will help us to be the best.

I really love to work in the environment people help you to growth, be better.

The intent in deliverting feedback is to enable people to be at their best. Together we aim to perform and behave at a level that achieves sustained results. To realise these outcomes requires feedback to come from an honest, trusting and open place.

Feedback is conversational in nature. Expect it to result in shared understanding. It is hardly ever a one-way and static process.

Perpose of feedback

To Motivate

When someone is performing well, feedback can increase their confidence and encourage them to continue or exceed at that level of performance.

To Change

When someone is not performing well, feedback can help them determine how to improve their performance which can increase their level of competence and feeling of confidence.

Make it feedback and not just recognition or a thank you

Recognition is helpful. It is just not as helpful as feedback. Give more details.

Say what you see, not what you assume

The factor that can hinder feedback being heard and acted upon is when the other person feels they have been judged. When we are judged we are likely to defend and close down. When we defend, we don’t tend to hear and understand the feedback.

Concentrate on one thing at a time

When giving feedback concentrate on one thing at a time ensuring the message is easy to understand. Understaning is key, before acceptance and action is possible. Essentially is not about you - it is about the recipient.
When there is more than one item to discuss - priorities the key messages. Any more than three messages in any one discussion is likely to be too much.

Good news or Bad news first?

Alway ask yourself: What this person want? You could just said: I got two good news and one bad news, which one you want to hear first?

Feedback recipe

1. Empathise with giver of feedback
2. Thank giver of feedback
3. Acknowledge what you have heard
4. Consider what to do with it
5. Commit to it or manage expectations

I think this is the most valuable takeaway part.

Understand / Accept / DO

Clarity of Goal

  • Be clear on you intent, goal and purpose prior to conversations / feedback
  • Sharpen your goal - what could the other person say at the end of the conversation?

Important of the first minute

  • Clarity of Goal
  • Appropriate sense of tone
  • A question to engage